Welcome to Wevlr – the future of virtual environments, collaborations, networking, and our progression as species – a multi-dimensional social network that is light years ahead of all there is around including Facebook to Snap to everything else that’s eventually going to take a nap.

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Meet Emelie and Mustafa

Emelie and Mustafa have been together since high-school and have had different interests ever since. They are delving in and out of their virtual interest communities all the time.

Emelie is a digital marketer by profession, mindfulness coach, VR enthusiast, and loves to explore new things – learning Elixir (language) is interesting and making hip hop music is awesome! 

Mustafa is an architect and speaks at different forums on sustainable cities and communities. He also runs a social community to stop food waste. He loves to play Halo and his latest obsession is Picard series from the Star Trek Universe.

Each of their passions is a universe with its own color, texture, sound, inhabitants, lingo, decorum, laws, and physics. 
In each of these universes they meet like minded people, discuss, have fun, create stuff together, find out new tools / gadgets / tricks, buy and sell stuff, talk to experts, enhance their knowledge and give their opinions.
Emelie is making a new hip hop song with band members from Italy, Dubai, and China and Mustafa is building a startup in Pakistan with two co-founders he met in his university years. Wevlr makes the world virtual!


There's Something Geek About Wevlr!

There’s a geek in all of us. Some are tech geeks while others are cooking geeks; some are gaming geeks while others are into fitness or digital marketing or startups! And then there are super-geeks who are many geeks in one! 
Wevlr loves geeks!
Wevlr thinks that being geek is a damn cool thing! That’s why we are connecting geeks from all over the world through their geek pursuits. It doesn’t matter what your passion is, as long as you’re passionate about it.
Wevlr gives you the opportunity of weaving all your passions into one spider-web of social media. No more hopping from one random app to another to satisfy different aspects of your personality. Imagine your professional interests, your hobbies, your academic needs, your love desires, every different thread of your life weaved into a life-sized web available at a single click on your device.  
Wevlr is the answer to a geek’s dreams. A platform where all geeks meet and greet.  Game on, geeks!

Get On Board!

WEVLR has a projected user base of more than 100M in 5 years with a target revenue of SEK 1B.
We are on a mission is to make social media and online space meaningful!
We are looking for passionate co-founders in marketing, user experience design, and tech / app development. 
If you want to join the startup as a co-founder or would like to fund the next social media innovation, write to us at info.wevlr.com